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Ironworkers Local 580 Dentist – Long Beach, NY

Learn More about the Benefits of Ironworkers Local 580

Are you a member of the Ironworkers Local 580 union? If so, you may have chosen to opt into their provided dental insurance plan. Your policy is a precious asset that can help you and your family to maintain your smiles. It may also serve as a valuable resource when your teeth need a little bit of restorative care. But how can you make sure you are getting the most out of your benefits? Our team is here to help. As an in-network Ironworkers 580 dentist in Long Beach, we can assist you as you strive to maximize your insurance.

Happy patient at appointment with Ironworkers Local 580 dentist in Long Beach

Ironworkers Local 580 Coverage Availability & Fees

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When you signed up for your insurance policy, you might have had the freedom to choose between a few different plans. Because of that, we cannot provide a lot of specific details about your coverage here. However, we can give an overview of how many dental insurance plans work:

Your plan may also have a deductible, a waiting period before you can receive coverage for certain services, and an annual maximum. An annual maximum is the yearly spending limit that your insurance company assigns to your account. For many policies, that number is somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

 Because we are in-network with Ironworkers dental insurance in Long Beach, we can help you get the greatest value possible from your maximum. Not only do we have a contract with your insurance company that controls fees, but we can also schedule your treatments in an advantageous way. For example, we might be able to arrange for you to undergo major treatments across calendar years, which can enable you to use two annual maximums rather than one.

Meet Leanne

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Our team is proud to support our local Ironworkers Union. Everyone in our practice wants to play a role in helping you get as much out of your benefits as possible, but Leanne is the team member who takes the lead in that area. Patients love her helpful nature and empathetic approach to her job. Not only can she assist you as you strive to find answers to questions about your insurance, but she can also file claims on your behalf and communicate with your benefits provider to ensure that you are getting the treatment you need at a fantastic price.

Are you ready to learn more about how Leanne and our team can help you maximize your Ironworkers 580 dental insurance benefits? Contact us today to ask questions or request a consultation.