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What to Expect When Getting Braces Removed

July 27, 2023

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A child about to have their braces removed

Since your time with braces is ending, you probably feel excited. That’s only natural – you’ll soon see the straight smile of your dreams! Still, you might be a tad nervous as well. Even as you wait to have your braces removed, you may not know what to expect from that process. Well, never fear – your Long Beach orthodontist can give you a detailed rundown. To that end, here are four things that’ll happen when you get your braces removed.

The Actual Removal

First and foremost, you can expect a smooth removal of your brackets and wires. Braces are actually designed to come off quickly and easily.

The steps of braces removal are pretty straightforward. Using a special tool, the orthodontist starts by popping off your brackets one at a time. (This action won’t cause you pain, as the tool ensures a comfortable process.) They’ll then do a thorough cleaning to eliminate lingering plaque and food bits. From there, the orthodontist will buff and polish your teeth to remove leftover dental adhesive.

A Post-Removal Exam

Following the removal, your orthodontist and their team will conduct an oral exam. This assessment usually includes:

  • Taking of final records
  • Taking of final photos and X-rays
  • Oral measurements for the design of your retainer

This post-removal exam typically doesn’t take long. Once over, you’ll get to enjoy the smile you’ve worked so hard to attain!

Some Aches & Pains

There’s a good chance you’ll have slightly swollen gums once your braces are gone. This is a common effect of the removal, and it should dissipate within 48 hours. Until then, though, your gum tissue might experience some dull aches and pains.

Aside from the swelling, braces removal may also cause your gums to bleed from brushing. While this might seem worrying, don’t avoid using your toothbrush. Continued brushing will actually help reduce the inflammation.

Appropriate Aftercare

Once you’ve been braces-free for a few days, your orthodontist will have you attend a follow-up visit. This appointment will prepare you to care for your teeth post-treatment.

In particular, the follow-up will give you a new retainer. You’ll be instructed to wear this new appliance every day — even all day – at first, as that’s when teeth are most likely to shift. They’ll eventually let you wear the retainer just at night, but only when they feel the risk of shifting is lower.

When you have your braces removed, there are several things you’ll experience. So long as you remember the ones above, though, you’ll be properly prepared.

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