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Why a Mouthguard is Essential for Your Child This School Year

August 4, 2023

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Boy holding mouthguard up to his smile

Is your child preparing for the big game? In order to ensure they take their trophy home with a smile, it’s important to protect their pearly whites. The last thing you want is for them to have their spirit dampened by a sports-related injury. Accidents happen, but taking measures to prevent them can reduce both risk and harm. Here’s why a mouthguard is essential for your child this school year.

Why Your Child Needs a Mouthguard

Sports are an essential part of your child’s life. They are a great way for them to get out excess energy, stay healthy, and have fun. Unfortunately, sports aren’t without risk. If your child is an athlete or just an active participant in physical activities, they are susceptible to mouth injuries. These sports-related injuries are much more likely than you might think and can take your child out of the game for the rest of the season. 

In the same way a helmet protects them from head trauma, mouthguards are the standard for protecting your child’s mouth, gums, cheeks, and jaw from injury. Mouthguards cushion and spread the impact of a blow to their face. They also absorb some of the force.

Any strong impact to the face could cause damaged or knocked-out teeth. Losing a tooth or suffering other oral injuries affects your child’s self-esteem, speech, diet, and smile. In order to reduce the severity of sports-related injuries, or even avoid them altogether, your child needs a mouthguard to protect their smile.

What Sports Require a Mouthguard?

Although your child should get a mouthguard no matter what sport they play, it’s true that there are some that are riskier than others. Here are a few sports that require or recommend mouthguards:

  • Contact sports such as boxing, football, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, or rugby.
  • Team sports with the chance of incidental contact such as basketball, soccer, softball, or volleyball.
  • Action sports including mountain biking, skateboarding, skiing, or snowboarding.

This list is not exhaustive. Even if your child’s sport isn’t mentioned, it’s better to be safe than sorry and use a mouthguard to avoid potential injury.

Contact your child’s dentist about getting a custom-fit mouthguard for the best results. Protecting their pearly whites ensures they can enjoy their favorite sports to the fullest with a smile on their face.

About the Practice

Dr. Glen’s Happy Teeth is home to a pediatric dentist, general dentist, and orthodontist, all under one roof. The practice is proud to provide custom-tailored children’s sportsguards made of durable and cushioning materials. They recognize the importance of avoiding broken or knocked-out teeth and that protective mouthguards are one of the most important pieces of safety gear for any young athlete. If you want to get a custom mouthguard to protect your child’s smile, contact Dr. Glen’s Happy Teeth at their website or by phone at (516) 517-0331.

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