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3 Common Myths About Lip and Tongue Ties

February 7, 2024

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parent learning about tongue tie issues with baby at dentist’s office

Parenting a young child can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to their health. While parents are vigilant about common childhood illnesses like colds, there are other conditions, especially related to infants, that can be difficult to understand. Lip and tongue ties are one such example. Many parents may not have heard much about them before becoming parents, and what they have heard might not always be true. Keep reading as we clear up some misunderstandings about lip and tongue ties.

Myth: Tongue Ties are Harmless

Initially, the term “tongue tie” may sound cute or endearing. However, the truth is that tongue and lip ties can pose significant challenges for children and patients alike. Babies with lip and tongue ties often struggle with breastfeeding, having difficulty latching properly. Without treatment, these ties can cause misalignment, speech issues, and sometimes even breathing problems as children grow.

Myth: Tongue-Ties Go Away on Their Own

Tongue and lip ties happen when the ligament connecting these structures to the mouth is too thick. Some parents mistakenly believe that this soft tissue will stretch naturally over time, but that’s not true. Without treatment, these thick ligaments can create ongoing challenges, potentially causing discomfort and speech problems that can last into adulthood.

Myth: Frenectomies are Dangerous

Lip and tongue ties are often treated with a frenectomy, a procedure where the problematic ligament is snipped to allow the tongue and lips to move freely. Naturally, parents may feel anxious about their child having any procedure, especially one involving minor surgery.

However, frenectomies have very low risks. Many are done with a laser, which helps the wound heal quickly. Infections are rare, and your dentist will give you clear instructions on how to care for your child afterward.

In summary, knowing the truth about lip and tongue ties can ease misunderstandings and worries. With treatments like frenectomies, children can conquer these challenges and experience better oral health and overall wellness for life!

About the Practice

For top-quality family dental care, look no further than Dr. Glen’s Happy Teeth. Their team of specialists is committed to nurturing young smiles, offering a wide range of services from routine checkups to advanced procedures. With a focus on children’s oral health, they work closely with parents to ensure beautiful and healthy teeth. If your child is experiencing tongue or lip tie issues, their skilled team can provide effective solutions to improve eating and speaking comfort while dispelling common myths about these conditions. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call Dr. Glen’s Happy Teeth at (516) 431-5855 or visit their website.

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